Lyn’ Lauthen, the Paragon [OPEN HERO]

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Lyn’ Lauthen, the Paragon [OPEN HERO] Empty Lyn’ Lauthen, the Paragon [OPEN HERO]

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Lyn’ Lauthen, the Paragon [OPEN HERO] E29933ddc43b94e9142e8d56300cf5db

Lyn’ Lauthen, the Paragon

Elf, A physicaly imposing elf, of 1,66 m and 68 kg, with long brown hair.

Soon, I will make myself known to the world.

Constitution: 12
Dexterity: 12
Intellect: 8
Willpower: 7
Perception: 13
Charisma: 7

Unique Abilities
Wood Elf: Used to the wilderness, these elfs have improved Perception and Dexterity (+1). Their knowledge of the wild allows them to find special herbs and plants with ease.
Arcane Archer: These elite archers (+2 Dex) enhance each arrow (or throw weapon) shot with his own magical power. Add MP to the damage of arrows.
Elite Hunter: An experiment hunter (+1 Per) never loses his prey. He can easily spot hidden creatures, and can distinguish tracts, even from creatures of the same spicies.
Verbal Enhancer:  One part of arcane archer training is being able to enhance their arrows while shooting. As a result, there are capable of cast Enhancement spells quickly and without using an action, by calling the name of the spell. This cannot be done if silenced by any means.
Dual-Wielding Training: While dual-wielding two weapons, is possible to block if unable to dodge. While holding two weapons, if the Dodge check fails, Check Dex. If successful, reduce the damage (before Res) by half (rounding down).

[Bow of Wild][$][5.87] : This magical longbow was crafted from a sacred tree. Given by Lyn’s father to help him on his journey. The tree’s magic still resides in the bow, allowing the wielder to increase his MP (just like he has exerted 1 of Wll) once every 5 verses.
[Masterwork Curved Sword][$][7.56]: This longsword has a slightly curved blade that slash open opponents. As a fine piece of craftsmanship, this sword will deal double damage on Hit checks Draws.
[Duelist Rapier][$][4.44]: This piercing weapon easily penetrates armor and shields. There for, ignores equipment’s proprieties that ignore or reduce physical damage.
[Steel Arrows (24)][7.2]: Steel tip arrows.

Spells and Skills
Double Hit (Skill): Hits 2 times in one action, each with half the SP (rounded down). Each hit has its own H/D Checks.
Dual Smash (Skill): Hit with both weapons simultaneously, each with half the SP (rounded down).
Defensive Stance (Skill): Using 2 weapons to block an attack, negate all physical damage sustained.
Conjured Shot (Skill): With an Arcane Archer prowess conjures and shoots an arrow in the same action.
Double Shot (Skill): Shoots 2 arrows in the same attack, even for different targets.
Brisingr (Enhancement): Enhance with Fire.
Stenr Adurna (Enhancement): Enhance with Ice.
Kveykva (Enhancement): Enhance with Lighting.
Bjart Solus (Enhancement): Enhance the arrow with such compressed energy that it explodes of impact.
Vakna (Enhancment): Empowers the body to increase Con.
Evarínya’Baen (Conjuration): Conjugate a physical arrow that multiplies after being shot.
Vanyali garm (Conjuration): Conjugate a wolf to fight y the caster’s side.

Lyn comes from an small village of elfs and gnomes on the dense forest of Moonleaf. The poor village is often ignored by trading caravan and other merchants. Still, elfs and gnomes live happily from the land. Days of hard work planting, harvesting and hunting toughen the community bonds. Lyn is the chieftain’s son, and as so, followed the Lauthen family tradition of Arcane Archers. His skill with magic and bow led him the respect and admiration of both villagers and fellow hunters. Loved by the people and blessed with a kind heart, Lyn would surely become the next chieftain.
One day, Lyn’s brother disappeared without a trace. Although Lyn’s and the village’s hunters best attempts, he was never found. Three days later, Lyn’s mother had fallen ill, and sometime later, every woman in the village had also contracted the same disease.  Although not life threatening, this disease leaves women unable to give birth.
With even the elders incapable of stopping such curse, Lyn’ Lauthen departed from the village, in search of someone or something that would cure the illness that plagues his beloved village.

| Lyn’ Lauthen |Elf|
|Con: 12/12|Dex: 15/15|Int: 8/8|Wll: 8/8|Per: 15/15|Cha: 7/7|
| [Bow of Wild][$][5.87] | [Masterwork Curved Sword][$][7.56] | [Duelist Rapier][$][4.44] |
| [Steel Arrows (24)][7.2] |
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