Zeno Yang, the Legend [OPEN HERO]

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Zeno Yang, the Legend [OPEN HERO] Empty Zeno Yang, the Legend [OPEN HERO]

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Zeno Yang, the Legend [OPEN HERO] E2f7b6c0609bbdafe76afd475fa5e5bc-d60pmkr
Zeno Yang, the Legend [OPEN HERO] A10

Zeno Yang, the Legend

Deva, Mostly large humanoids, Devas have long golden hairs and eyes without eyebrows. Zeno has 2.03 m and heights 109 kg. He has extreme muscular body.  

I let me power speak for myself.

Constitution: 13
Dexterity: 12
Intellect: 7
Willpower: 15
Perception: 8
Charisma: 5

Unique Abilities
Ki Fighter: Ki fighters abdicate from the path of spellcasting to shape their magic power into Ki. They use Ki instead of MP, with uses Wll instead if Int. They can use Ki Skills but not spells. Such skills work as normal skills but their power is determined by Ki, and can be exerted with Wll instead of Con.
Overpower: At any time, a Ki Fighter can effortlessly channel his Ki to power up his physical abilities. He can remove Wll points and add them to either Con or Dex.  
Deva Bloodline: Devas have intrinsically strong bodies. (+2 Con) Their skin toughness is as hard as steel.
Natural Instincts: Devas have enhanced natural instincts that let them react quickly (+1 Dex). They can dodge an attack even if they do not perceive it.
Sky Dance Technique: A Ki fighter can use Ki to hover and fly. (+2 Dex) They do this so naturally that just like walking for them.

Spells and Skills
All-out Barrage (Skill): Attacks with multiple punches and kicks.
Uppercut (Skill): Throws an uppercut to launch the enemy up.
Roundhouse Kick (Skill): Using the body’s weight and momentum, kicks an enemy backwards.
Smackdown (Skill): Using both hands, punches the enemy in the head to knock it down.
Choke Slam (Skill): Grabs the enemy in the thought and throws it to the ground with maximum force.
Doragon Punch (Skill): Charges the fist with Ki for extra damage. This skill is also a Ki Skill.
Great Turtle Blast (Ki Skill): Shoots a powerful homing wave of ki.
Fatal Flash (Ki Skill): Charges and releases a high concentration of Ki. This is altered into electrical damage.
Big Bang Finish (Ki Skill): Creates a ball of pure Ki that explodes on impact.
Die Die Barrage (Ki Skill): Shoots various ki attacks to one or various enemies.
Ki Gathering (Ki Skill): Gathers Ki to increase Ki Skills damage by increasing Wll.
Pain whip (Ki Skill): Creates a whip out of ki.
Armageddon (Ki Skill): Creates an explosion around the fighter. Is possible to exert Con and Wll for this skill.

Zeno is an orphan that learned the way of Ki by the monks of the temple of Xao Yang. Empowered by his Deva blood, Zeno become the most powerful warrior of the temple at the age of 8. Soon the temple would become shackles on Zeno’s power. His power was only transcended by his desire of fighting strong creatures.  So, he departed. In search of powerful opponents that would make him grow even more.

| Zeno Yang | Deva |
|Con: 15/15|Dex: 15/15|Int: 7/7|Wll: 15/15|Per: 8/8|Cha: 5/5|
| None |
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