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Edarf, the Gentlemen [OPEN HERO] Empty Edarf, the Gentlemen [OPEN HERO]

Post by Ryugin Omega on Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:51 pm

Edarf, the Gentlemen [OPEN HERO] 515c388a73cc6316e244e2d35827e1eb--male-character-design-character-concept

Edarf, the Gentlemen

Demon. With similar appearance to a regular human, his distinctive trait being his yellow snake colored eyes. 1,72 m and 87 kg.

Sometimes, Fame is bad for business. But only sometimes…

Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 13
Intellect: 13
Willpower: 10
Perception: 7
Charisma: 8

Unique Abilities:
Brains and Suit: Master at dealing with greedy mortals, Edarf uses his Int instead of Cha when persuading, interrogating or misleading any other characters. (+2 Int)
Smart Fighter: Add MP to damage when attacking or using skills against weak points. Also, combat expertise gives +2 Dex.
Demonic Frevor: When actively in combat, Edarf gains +1 Con for each verse he spends fighting. If all enemies are defeated, he loses this bonus. Also, his eyes become fiery, revealing his demonic heritage after 5 verses. He is unable to control or stop this ability.
Demon Body: Its easier to  move in a Suit with a powerful body of a demon (+1 Con). Also Edarf can turn his hands in steel-like claws at will. This does not count as an action.
Darkvision: As any good demon, Edarf can see clearly in the dark.

Bloodrop Ring [$][0.1]: Beautiful silver ring with a small glass-like vial. With a little drop of the enemy's blood, this ring parallelizes the movements of that creature if within 1 meter of the user. Can only work for one creature at the time. The parallelization effect only works for 2 verses. After that, a new drop must be added. Only one drop fits the ring at any time.
Scanner watch [$][0.27]: Golden watch with the power to determine a character 's SP and MP. Then used, the smaller pointer shows the SP and the medium pointer shows the MP. The longer pointer (seconds) shows the direction of the character.
Fiaschetta [$][0.33]: A beautiful gold canteen filled with infinite whiskey. The initials ES are carved on both sides of the flask. With each sip, increases Wll and reduces Int  by 1 for 3 verses. Each new sip stacks the effects and refresh de duration.
Gold Coins (235)[2.35]: Current currency.

Spells and Skills
Double Hit (Skill):Hits 2 times in one action, each with half the SP (rounded down). Each hit has its own H/D Checks.
Stinger (Skill): Hits without dealing damage, but steal a drop of the opponent blood.
Intimidation (Skill): Using his physical prowess and presence, attacks the enemies Willpower.
Piercing Technique (Skill): Attacking with a spear-like open hand. Changes the damage type to piercing instead of blunt.
Roundhouse Kick (Skill): Attack an opponent to knock it back.
Hi Jump Kick (Skill): Attacks a distant opponent with a flying kick.
Self Haste (Enhancement): Focus its own inner strength to increase his body Dex.
Decimation (Elemental): Creates a sun-like mass of flames in a single point, which explodes in the area around, dealing fire damage.
Decay (Necromancy): Rotten (damages) the flesh of the target.
Pull (Field): Pulls something closer.
Expose Weakness (Astral): Identifies one enemy weakness.
Lure (Illusion): Creates an image of something to lure the target.
Create Darkness (Illusion): By bending light, creates a field of unnatural darkness.

Edarf looks good, and he likes to look good. Pride being this demon's sin, Edarf prowess and intellect take him to the top of the food chain, and he likes the view. With a sadistic trait, he takes special pleasure in overpowering his opponents in any way possible. Proving his power to others was the reason that took him to the villainous path of an hitman. Blood, money and style are this demon's mantras. He will take any path that increases his fame and influence, to prove his superiority to everyone else.

|Edarf, the Gentlemen|Demon|
|Con: 10/10|Dex: 15/15|Int: 15/15|Wll: 10/10|Per: 8/8|Cha:7/7|
|SP(4)|MP(3)|Res(2)|MR(2)|St(15/15)|CW(3.05/87.0 )|H/D(75/75)|
|Bloodrop Ring [$][0.1]|Scanner watch [$][0.27]|Fiaschetta [$][0.33]|Gold Coins (235)[2.35]|
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