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Calypso, the Dreamer [OPEN HERO] Empty Calypso, the Dreamer [OPEN HERO]

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Calypso, the Dreamer [OPEN HERO] Garden_of_the_nymph_by_liancary_art-d8qfmk1

Calypso, the Dreamer

Nymph, of amazing beauty. With 1.58 m and 43 kg, she looks like a pale elf. She adorns herself with various ornamentations.

I want to gain Fame among the great cities.

Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 8
Intellect: 7
Willpower: 13
Perception: 7
Charisma: 17

Unique Abilities
Nymph Beauty: Nymphs are the embodiment of physical beauty. (+2 Cha) Humanoids that try to attack them fell an urge to miss. Nymphs add Cha/2 to their Dodge Chance.
Bard: Bards can use Inspiration Skills such as Songs and Dances (+1 Cha). These skills use Inspiration as Power and always hit (cannot be dodged) as long as the target can hear or see (for songs and dance respectively) and is within the same room. Such skills do not benefit from Exertion mechanic.
Performers Dexterity: Performers are quick with their hands and feet (+2 Dex).
Nature Affinity: Nymphs are natural beauty projections. With such strong bond with nature, wild animal feel a certain kinship for them. Animals do not attack the nymph, and come to their aid if injured.
Amphibious: Nymphs are one of the Fey. Fey have a strong bond with many of nature’s aspects, especially water. As such, they can swim incredibly fast and effortlessly and can hold their breath for extreme long periods. They also deny themselves to swim in polluted or contaminated water.

[Old Flute][$][0.23]: An old but well-treated flute.

Spells and Skills
Victor’s Ballad (Song): Inspire the best aspect of allies. Increases the higher stat of each ally. Requires an instrument.
Heart of Earth (Song): Heals every ally. Allies with lower Con are healed first.
Knight’s Reason (Song): Increases every ally Con. Requires an instrument.
Wind’s Wake (Song):  Increases every ally Dex. Requires an instrument.
Eternal Search (Song): Increases every ally Int. Requires an instrument.
Sorceress’s Bane (Song): Reduces enemies Int. Requires an instrument.
Profanity (Song): Reduces enemies Wll. Requires an instrument.
Weil of Banshee (Song): Check enemies [Wll-Inspiration]. If fail, they are immobilized for the verse. Requires an instrument.
Puppet Master (Song): Check the closest enemy [Wll-Insperation]. If fail, it will attack his own allies.
Jiggly Puff (Song):  Check enemies [Wll-Inspiration]. If fail, they fall asleep. Requires an instrument.
Curse Song (Song): Reduces each enemy’s higher stat. Requires an instrument.
Princess Weakness (Song): Reduces each enemy’s lowest stat. Requires an instrument.

Calypso was born in Silverwood, near a human town. Since her first days, she observed the humans, dwarfs, elfs and gnomes on their daily routine. She became fascinated by dresses and jewelry worn by high class women. Such as the admiration for trinkets that Caly began collecting any that become lost in the forest, sometimes even stealing, with the help of the night.
One day, Caly decided to venture the village on her own. Under a cloak she had stolen the night before, she hid her beautiful and pale complexion. She traveled the streets without a problem, until the original owner of the cloak spotted her. Calling the Militia, Caly was readily unmasked, and her beauty revealed. Every race was at awe. Man and women alike, started rampaging for the poor nymph, trampling each other in the way. She was grabbed in every direction. Her gathered clothes torn by the crowd, until she as naked. In despair, Caly shouted a grim and faint scream. Horses and pigs started running through the streets, hammering their hoods in any humanoid they found, until they reached Caly. On the back of one of the horses, Calypso fled the city, leaving a trail of animal and humanoid blood behind her.
The town could not recover from the losses of both workers cattle. The survivors were forced to leave with they had left. After that, Caly went back to the ghost town. The smell of blood and the bodies of the deceased laid on the ground, rotting, overwhelmed her. She found a small child among the bodies, with her hands firmly grasping a wooden flute. In the picture of horror, Caly took the flute and fled both the town and the woods. She fled from her guilt.

| Calypso, the Dreamer | Nymph |
|Con: 8/8|Dex: 10/10|Int: 7/7|Wll: 13/13|Per: 7/7|Cha: 20/20|
| [Old Flute][$][0.23] |
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