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Ander Bright , the Detective [OPEN HERO] Empty Ander Bright , the Detective [OPEN HERO]

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Ander Bright , the Detective [OPEN HERO] 0e0b7dad8f32d6062d4d8dc9da902dce--cyberpunk-character-sweet-home

Ander Bright , the Detective

Celestial. He is 1.70 m tall and weighs 90 kg. Ander Bright looks just like a typical human. His only distinctive train being his light blue eyes, which he usually hides with dark glasses or a hat.

I seek the one who seeks Fame.

Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 12
Intellect: 12
Willpower: 8
Perception: 13
Charisma: 7

Unique Abilities
Celestial Vision: Celestial are outsiders that see the world in differently than the mortal races. Their vision is extremely focused and detailed (+2 Per), allowing them to see in the dark and Invisible creatures.
Undercover: As a cop and detective, Ander is used to keep itself stealthy (+2 Dex). Ander can make itself vanish in crowds and shadows to get his enemies by surprise.
Sneak Attack: Ander gets his targets silently (+1 Dex). When attacking an unsuspected enemy, the attack bypasses the H/D Check. Also such attack will deal double damage.
Investigation Focus: When investigating for leads and on crime scenes, A. Bright gets +5 focus bonus to Int and Wll. He also uses this knowledge to obtain information on his targets, using Int instead of Cha for persuasion and intimidation checks.
Rapid Reload: Ander's training with firearms let him shoot accurately any type of gun in any situations. Also he can reload effortlessly and without wasting an action.

[Colt .45 M1911][$][1.02]: Ander’s election weapon.
[C2-Pad][$][0.69]: Creed members receive this Community Creed pad. It allows communication and information exchange within the creed members but also have other functionalities. It can record and play images or sound, analyse magical samples and enchantments and alert the user of spells in the proximity, like magical traps.
[Hidden Blade][$][1.8]: Attached to his forearm, Ander has a small contraption that releases an extendable small blade on will. This blade is able to retract and extended by the user will due to its enchantment.
[.45 Clip(4)][0.8]: .45 amunition. Each clip holds 7 bullets.

Spells and Skills
Double Tap (Skill): Fires 2 shoots from a single-fire gun.
Choke Grab (Skill): Grabs an enemy from behind, choking him and leaving him unconscious.
Assassin Stab (Skill): Quickly stabs an enemy with a concealed weapon, making possible to remain in sheath.
Owl’s Observation (Divination): Increases the perception of the recipient by extending the observation area.
Time Seer (Divination): Tap into the time to see the events that have trespassed in a small area.
Predomination (Divination): Focus in the near future to predict and react accordingly, increasing Dex.
Overseer (Divination): Find the location of a target.
Sense Life (Astral): Allows one to see the living magic of mortals. Can sense living creatures even thought the walls or other objects.

Ander Bright is a low-power celestial that preferred to live among humans, dwarfs and elfs, insted of the other prideful celestials. Good natured, Ander was determined to become a hero among mortals. From all the possibilities, he decided to become a cop, helping catching lawbreakers and criminals. Among the path, he met a sweet young elf, which became the cuffs of his heart. Together they had a daughter with blue eyes and pointy hears.
Among the cops, A. Bright had already become a hero. With his skill, and natural traits he had the best crime solved ratio on the city. This has attracted not only the attention of his superiors, which gave him the detective's office, but also of the most nefarious criminals.
One day, after a successful arrest of a drug baron, Bright arrived home to find his front door smashed hand his family inside, torn in to pieces. A. Bright became consumed to find his family killer, assaulting anyone that could have the smallest hint about the murderer. After that, a representative member of an association dedicated to eradicate evil called Creed approach Ander with information about the killer. They would depart such Intel if Ander joined the Creed. Without hesitation, Ander Bright became a detective for the Creed, and with that, he learn that his family was killed by a demon hitman that seeks its own fame and fortune. And so, his task was to find and eradicate such demon from the face of the world and the memory of everyone.

| Ander Bright , the Detective | Celestial |
|Con: 8/8|Dex: 15/15|Int: 12/12|Wll: 8/8|Per: 15/15|Cha: 7/7|
| [Colt .45 M1911 Personalized][$][1.02] | [C2-Pad][$][0.69]| [Hidden Blade][$][1.8] |
| [.45 Clip(4)][0.8] |
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