Sabrina Blair, the Deceiving [OPEN HERO]

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Sabrina Blair, the Deceiving [OPEN HERO] Empty Sabrina Blair, the Deceiving [OPEN HERO]

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Sabrina Blair, the Deceiving [OPEN HERO] 30X40cm-DIY-Full-Drill-Diamond-Painting-Cross-Stitch-Pretty-cat-Printed-Draw-Picture-Round-Rhinestones-Embroidery.jpg_640x640

Sabrina Blair, the Deceiving

Magical Beast. With the size of a cat but closer to a white lynx, Sarina weights 7 kg and is as high as 1 m when siting. She has an steel ring on her tail, a blue amulet on her neck and a cooper ring on her right pawn.
Fame? Who needs that?

Constitution: 6
Dexterity: 9
Intellect: 16
Willpower: 8
Perception: 8
Charisma: 13

Unique Abilities
Small Magical Beast: The feline body of Sabrina is extremely nimble, becoming harder to hit. (+2 Dex) If she fails a Dodge Check, she can repeat it once more.
Magical Affinity: Being magical since birth comes with some advantages. (+2 Int) She can see magic and try to identify spell effects without wasting and action or consuming stamina.
Night Rogue: Sabrina is used to the night and its advantages. (+1 Dex) She is harder to detect when sneaking, can see in the dark and has improved audition and smell.
Improved Shielding: Due to its small size, the power of magical shields is more efficiently applied. Damage protection and shielding spells on Sabrina count as double MP.
Expert Caster: Being an experienced caster, she rarely losses her concentration. If the Spell Complexity Check fails, she can repeat the check once more for that spell. 
Sorceress Tear [$][0.08]: Small silver necklace with a sapphire in the center. This magical artifact is charged with raw magic power. At any time, the user can spend a charge to increase MP just as if it was exerted. The Tear can hold up to 3 charges, and the caster can use up to 3 in a single spell. It takes 24 hours to recharge a single charge.
Bye Bye Ring [$][0.12]: A cooper ring with an iron cord around it. This magical artifact allows the caster to gain invisibility during 5 verses. Once used, it takes 4 verses to recharge.
Force Field Ring [$][0.10]: Plain steel ring with magical proprieties. This ring keeps an constant barrier around the user that negates 3 points of damage of any kind. Once the shield is broken, it takes 3 verses to recharge.

Spells and Skills
Magic Missile (Abjuration): Launches various missiles (each for MP) of blunt damage.
Dispel (Abjuration): Removes a spell effect or conjured object.
Barrier (Abjuration): Creates a barrier around the caster for some time.
Magic Surge (Abjuration): Next spell counts has double MP.
Magic Trap (Abjuration): Creates an invisible glyph which releases a spell effect when activated. The effect can be any other spell.
Impact Shout (Abjuration): Shouts a magical sound wave that deal blunt damage and knocks the opponent down.
Levitation (Field): Becomes capable of flying.
Blink (Planar): Teleports to a close known location.
Bushin (Illusion): Creates various copies of the caster.
Ferocious Form (Illusion): Creates an illusion of a scary monster influence enemies will to fight.
Stalking Eye (Divination): Allows observing a specific character.
Enchant Magic Item (Enchantment): Enchants an item with magic proprieties.
Aura of Might (Enhancement): Gives to all allies, and caster, Con.
Cat’s Grace (Enhancement): Gives to all allies, and caster, Dex.
Eagle’s Grace (Enhancement): Gives to all allies, and caster, Per.
Heal (Necromancy): Heals injuries.
Summon Elemental (Elemental): Creates an Elemental creature by fight by his master side.
Ice Shower (Elemental): Drops various shards of ice on a small area.
Thunder Wave (Elemental): Electrifies everyone around the caster paralyzing them.
Fire Wall (Elemental): Creates a column of fierce flames.
Sabrina was once a familiar of a young novice mage named Blair. Although stronger than her master, Sabrina lived happily as a pet of the daughter of a noble family. Being very hostile (mainly Sabrina) at the beginning, they became closer while Sabrina tried to teach Blair the ways of spellcasting. One day, as result of a feud between noble families, Blair was poisoned with cockatrice venom and turned to stone. With her master petrified and unable to die, Sabrina has lost her master, but not the familiar bond, so she is unable to go back to the plane she once called home.

| Sarina Blair | Magical Beast |
|Con: 6/6|Dex: 12/12|Int: 17/17|Wll: 8/8|Per: 8/8|Cha:13/13|
|Sorceress Tear [$][0.08] | Bye Bye Ring [$][0.12] | Force Field Ring [$][0.10]
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