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Actions and Gameplay Mechanics Empty Actions and Gameplay Mechanics

Post by Ryugin Omega on Mon May 28, 2018 12:35 pm

Once the Teller has finished the Verse, its time for the Heroes to act. Each Hero as only one chance to act per Verse. Sometimes the Teller gives hints to what to do next, put the Heroes are completely free to choose their actions. Still, Heroes must keep his actions brief and not much complex, has it helps both the Teller and other heroes to understand the intended action. There is also a reference map in some Verses that help heroes express themselves. Even with all that, sometimes the Teller can not understand the action and incorrectly give an undesired outcome. When this happen, just keep an open mind to new opportunities.

There are still some default action an hero can undertake that most times have the same response:

Resting must be done out-of-combat and in a safe place. This action will regain 5 stamina point of the resting hero. If the hero is exerted, it will also regain 1 point of Con and/or Wll. Injuries may or may not heal upon resting. Note that Dex perk Perfectionist will not allow the hero to rest twice per action. In this case, resting will count as both actions.

Exertion is a special mechanic in ForTS that allows the hero to sacrifice himself to power up a skill or spell. To do this, the hero must explicit inform that will Exert himself and how much of the main stat will him/her sacrifice. For skills, the Hero might Exert Con points, and for Spells he/she may Exert Wll point instead. Take note that exerting Con might reduce the Power to subsequent attacks, and can remove perks or result in disabilities for both Con and Wll.

Iniciative mechanic decides who's action get priority. At the begining of the verse (turn), each individual character gets assigned an Iniciative value calculated by [Hero(Dex)-d5]. Heros with higher Iniciate act first on that verse (turn). In case of a drawn, the Hero with most Dex will act first. Resting allways counts as Iniciative 0. Also, negative Iniciative (<0) will render the Hero unable to act. In that verse, the character will be considered as he/she was Resting.

Spell Complexity mechanic is applied instead of Hit Check and determines if the Spell is successfully casted. The Spell Complexity is determined by the number of effects a spell has. Simple spells (with one effect) are checked against [Int+5] DC. An harder spell (two effects) is checked against [Int] DC, and so on. As rule of thumb, Spell Complexity is allways [Int+10-(5*Number of effects)]. Note that a spell cannot have more than 4 effects. Spells on the Skill and Spells list receive a bonus +2 Int for Spell Complexity checks.

Inspire is a Charisma mechanic that allows a hero to give bonus Wll to other party members. This will count as an action but will not consume Stamina. The bonus given is [(Cha-10)/3] and will last 4 times as many verses (turns).
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