Asmódeum of the True Cross, the Pursuer [OPEN HERO]

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Asmódeum of the True Cross, the Pursuer [OPEN HERO] Empty Asmódeum of the True Cross, the Pursuer [OPEN HERO]

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Asmódeum of the True Cross, the Pursuer [OPEN HERO] Evilcleric

Asmódeum of the True Cross, the Pursuer

Human. With 1.72 m and 86 kg (no armor), Asmódeum is a pure human of 62 years, grey hair and a very well trained body.

True Cross’s Missionary. What else?

Constitution: 17
Dexterity: 8
Intellect: 7
Willpower: 13
Perception: 8
Charisma: 7

Unique Abilities
Faith: As a full devotee of the mad True Cross cult (+2 Wll), his magic prowess is based on faith, not Int. For MP, replace Int for Wll.
Madness Returns: True Cross believes in power above all else, and this faith drives them mad eventually. If the Int of this hero is damaged by any means, add that amount to Wll.
Conviction: Extreme physical training (+2 Con) and a mind-washing doctrine create unstoppable warriors. As such, they are immune to pain and don’t lose Wll by effect of pain.
The Truth is Power: The mad search for power leads the True Cross members to expose their bodies to cruel experiments (+1 Con). They become resistant to most natural and magical poisons. If this hero fails a poison check, repeat the check once more.
Pursuer: As an experiment Man-hunter, he can easily follow humanoid tracks or finding them from hiding.

[Truth][$][4.23] : Chained blunt mace with a disc on the end of the chain. Truth damages the opponent Wll with each hit. The damage is based on the user MP. It only works if the User has Faith Unique Ability.
[Power][$][7.03]: Steel Mace infused with magic. It adds the user MP to damage as divine/holy. It only works if the User has Faith Unique Ability.
[Pursuer’s Armor][$][23.36]: Steel Half-Plate. Reduce physical damage of slashing and blunt weapons by 1.

Spells and Skills
Double Hit (Skill): Hits 2 times in one action, each with half the SP (rounded down). Each hit has its own H/D Checks.
Dual Smash (Skill): Hit with both weapons simultaneously, each with half the SP (rounded down).
Flail Grab (Skill) Using a chained mace’s chain, grabs one of the target’s members. If it hits, and the attacker’s Con is higher than the target’s Con, the target is immobilized during the next verse.
Charge (Skill): Charge on one distant opponent to attack it, reducing your dodge chance by half for all attacks for this verse.
Dirty Fighting (Skill): Throw yourself madly, closing in on the opponent. You cannot dodge any attack from that opponent in this verse, but his dodge chance is reduced to half for this attack.
Mind Break (Enhancement): Reduce target Int.
Might (Enhancement): Increases self or other’s Con.
Heal (Necromancy): Heal target injuries.
Create Undead (Necromancy): Using a dead body, creates permanently an undead version of that creature.
Assemble Skeleton (Abjuration): Permanently creates a golem from fleshless bones. This golem has the ability to reconstruct itself if enough prime materials are present. This is a Low Spell.
Aura of Fear (Illusion): Creates a visual distortion, making the caster look bigger and menacing, and impairing opponents Wll.
Feebleness (Hex): Curses the target to become feeble. Increases the number of dice sides for H/D Checks.

The True Cross doctrine believes Power is the Truth of the Universe. Full dominance and control should be exerted by the strong and powerful over the weak and debilitated. To be overpowered is to loose one’s life to the strongest.
Asmódeum Turlgan was one a simple farmer. Lived a hard but happy life with his wife and 3 daughters. Until there were raped and slaughtered in front of him by a group of bandits, which were turned in a pile of mauled flesh and guts by a single True Cross Lieutenant. The Lieutenant asked Asmódeum if he knew the meaning of what happened. He answered with a mixture of sadness, rage and despair: “We were weak, so we had to bend knee and lose our freedom. They were weak, so they also lost their freedom. You are strong, you are the weak’s freedom.” By listening the embodiment of the True Cross creed, the Lieutenant took Asmódeum has aprendice.
Under his tutor guidance, Asmódeum rejected his name and past, and climbed the True Cross’s ranks until became the best man-hunter of the Order. In the last years, many lost their lives, slowly, to Asmódieum’s “conversion” methods.

| Asmódeum of the True Cross |Human|
|Con: 20/20|Dex: 8/8|Int: 7/7|Wll: 15/15|Per: 8/8|Cha: 7/7|
| [Truth][$][4.23] | [Power][$][7.03] | [Pursuer’s Armor][$][23.36] |

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