Omega of Grywald, the Druid Spirit of Grywald Forest

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Omega of Grywald, the Druid Spirit of Grywald Forest

Post by Ryugin Omega on Thu Jun 28, 2018 5:39 pm


Omega of Grywald, the Druid Spirit of Grywald Forest

Forest Spirit. Resembles an Elf in appearance (1.75 m; 56 kg), his partially Ethereal form allows him to reveal and hide silver draconic wings at will.

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Constitution: 8
Dexterity: 12
Intellect: 12
Willpower: 13
Perception: 8
Charisma: 7

Unique Abilities
Body of a Spirit: The physical manifestation of a spirit is partial ethereal allowing it to see and detect magic easily (+2 Int). Also, it takes only half damage from pure physical damage.
Ethereal form: An ethereal body is highly susceptible to magical enhancement and transformation. Spells from Transmutation and Enhancement schools have triple duration.
Druidic Affinity: Druids possesses strong minds (+2 Wll) and can easily spot tracts on natural environment.
Nature Studies: Knowledge gained by the study of nature. (+1 Int) Can recognise and create potions and poisons from plants. Also has an increased resistance to natural poisons and venoms.
Draconic Lineage: Grywald is a forest of dragon worship. His guardian can interchange his Intellect (incluiding Unique bonus) and his Constitution stats. This does not count has a full action or spell, cannot be cancelled, and has 5 actions duration. During this transformation, horns, wings, tail and blade-sharp claws grow out of his body.

Alchemy Belt-Kit [$][0.7] - Portable kit with glassware and other alchemy equipment. The belt holds glass flasks.
Spirit Guardian Amulet [$][0.09] - The silver amulet of Grywald's Guardians. Holds sentimental value.
Druid Cape [$][0.17] - Dark cape of Druids. Increases stealth on dark environments. Protects against fire and cold.

Spells and Skills
Dispel (Abjuration) - Removes magical proprieties, Enhancements and Enchantments.
Shield (Abjuration) - Instantly creates a magic shield in the desired direction that blocks physical and magical attacks.
Flash Burst (Elemental) - Shoots a small and quick elemental burst. This spell attribute can be fire, ice or lightning.
Fireball (Elemental) - Casts a ball of fire that explodes in a small area. Area increases with the power of the spell.
Homing Fire (Elemental) - Casts 4 small fire projectiles that search, find and seek opponents.
Electric Shock (Elemental) - Casts a spell that deals electric damages and stuns the target.
Magic Detection (Astral) -  Increases the caster Per and allows him to see magic flows and determine enchantments and enhancements while channelled.
Life Detection (Astral) - Increases the caster Per and allows him to detect living beings.
Guide (Divination) -  Gets information from the path ahead.
Enchant Weapon (Enhancement) - Adds elemental proprieties to others weapons. It can be fire, lightning or magical attribute.
Haste (Enhancement) - Enhances the subject body to increase Dex.
Strength (Enhancement) - Enhances the subject body to increase Con.
Spell Boost (Enhancement) - Doubles the MP of the next spell cast.
Shapechange (Transmutation) - Changes the physical appearance, increasing or decreasing the subject's Con and Dex. Can also give new characteristics and capabilities due o the changes.
Summon Anvangual (Conjuration) - Conjure Anvangual, an bastard sword with 5 kg. This runed silver sword can cut thought magic and spells.
Omega has a cheerful personality. It has a special taste for rare food, and hates blunt food. It likes to collect various plants to turn them later into potions and remedies. It has a special hatred to Undead creatures, mainly liches.
|Omega the Druid Spirit of Grywald|Forest Spirit|
|Con: 8/8|Dex: 12/12|Int: 15/15|Wll: 15/15|Per: 8/8|Cha:7/7|
|SP(3)|MP(3)|Res(2)|MR(3)|St(15/15)|CW(0.79/44.8 )|H/D(60/60)|
|Alchemy Belt-Kit [$][0.4]|Spirit Guardian Amulet [$][0.09]|Druid Cape [$][0.3]|
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