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Post by Ryugin Omega on Mon May 28, 2018 2:30 pm

The Reference Map, or simply map, is a tool that can be used by the Teller to help Heroes to understand their position in the environment. This is specially important when fighting multiple enemies. Map units will be defined by an alphanumeric code like in chess. Both Tellers and Heroes can use it to their advantage. The numeric fraction of the code is the x-axis of the map, were the alphabetic fraction is referent to the y-axis. Here is a list of Special Caracters.
This is a map example:

┬┬┬┬┴┬┬┬┬┴┬┬┬┬┴┬┬┬┬┴┬ (Scale)
│░░░K░░┤░░░░░┬O╚═─══╗B      H-Hero(F7); B-Bandit(D13;E12;F13); K- Innkeeper(B5)
║╤╤╤╤╤╤╡░░░░░░┬░░░┬░║C      O-Table, ┬ - Stool; ╤╤╤╤╤╤ - Balcony; ∩∩ - Doors; ═─═ - Windows
╚═─═╗░░░░░╔══─═╝░░░░░ G
░░░░╚═∩∩══╝░░░░░░░░░░ H
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