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Post by Ryugin Omega on Mon May 28, 2018 2:06 pm

Difficulty Check (DC) determine if an action is successful or not. The DC is always made againt the Hero's main stats with a 20 sided dice. This means, for each point in a specific stat, your probability of being successful increases by 5% (just like the Hit/Dodge Chance). Sometimes, the action might prove itself challenging. Then this happens, the stat will be negatively influenced during de DC. Of course, the opposite is also possible. For example, forcibly opening a rusty door might check [Con-2(Hero)d10](dX is the result of the dice). If this hero Con was bellow 12, it had failed, but if it was above 12, it would succeed. If his/her Con was exactly 12, this would result in a draw, that could result in a neutral event with result that would be both negative and positive or nothing at all. Critical Result happen when the Roll results in either d1 or d20. A d20 roll would mean a Critical Failure resulting in extreme negative events. Likewise, a d1 roll means a Critical Success, resulting in a incredible fortuitous event. Such events (neutral or critical) are all defined by the Teller, so similar events might have different outcomes.
Here are some examples of complex DC's:

Action: Lockpicking a unusual and difficult lock
DC: [Int(Hero)]; if succeed [Dex(Hero)], If failed [Dex-3(Hero)]

Action: Interrogation
DC: [Per(Hero)]; if succeed [Cha+2(Hero)], if failed [Cha(Hero)]

Action: Attacking an Intimidating Foe
DC: [Wll(Hero)]; if succeed [Dex(Hero)](Hit Check), if failed [Dex-3(Hero)] and halved Power, if draw drop weapon and run in the other direction.
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