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Post by Ryugin Omega on Sat May 26, 2018 8:23 pm

Hero's existence is defined by 6 simple stats: Constitution (Con), Dexterity (Dex), Willpower (Wll), Intellect (Int), Perception (Per) and Charisma (Cha). Adventurers can allocate a total of 60 skill points divided by the 6 stats by the time of the creation of the hero. A stat level of 10 means that a character is mediocre in that stat.

All of these stats have special thresholds. Every time a hero increases a single stat above it's threshold, he/she gains special characteristics. These characteristics are called perks. Likewise, there are also negative thresholds. If a hero, at any given time, does not meet this negative thresholds, it gain a disability. For every stat, the perk thresholds are at 15 and 20, and de disabilities thresholds are at 0, 3 and 5.

The sun of the total stat points is called the Hero Level (Lv.). This being said, an Hero starts at Lv. 60 (65 with Unique Abilities) and the only way to increase (or decrease) this value is throughout events on Tales.

Here will be presented the different Stats, perks, disabilities and their influence in ForTS:

Constitution (Con) - Constitution governs most of the physical characteristics. Strength, resistance, endurance and stamina are determined by this stat. The amount of damage you receive also depends on constitution. A trained body will handle the pain of a blade slicing through your skin better than a weak body. Constitution defines strength, as so, it also defines the weight one can carry. This stat will also work as your live. There are many ways to die in ForTS, but if your Con goes to 0, your body is unable to survive the injuries and the hero dies.

Constitution Perks:
20 - Hard Skin: Your body is extremely though, like an armour, and reduces the pain inflicted. Always ignores 1 point of damage.
15 - Cardio Training: Your physical training let you run and fight without limits. Actions don't use Stamina.

Constitution Disabilities:
5 - Little Flower: Not used to environment damage and dangers, you get easily sick. -2 Con on DC against diseases and poisons.
3 - Critically Hurt: Your body is critically damaged and you can only move very slowly. -5 Initiative and cannot perform actions such as running.
0 - Dead: Your body has exceeded his limit, and you have died. Character Dies.

Dexterity (Dex) is your hero's skill, speed and balance. The higher your dexterity is, the higher is or chance to dodge, to hit , to steal someone pocket. Dexterity also lets you perform physical skills almost without effort, reducing the stamina need to perform them. Also affect how fast one reacts to attack or traps, or how much it takes to perform a spell.

Dexterity Perks:
20 - Perfectionist: With amazing speed, you cannot miss, and cannot be hited as long as you can dodge. H/D becomes 100%. You are also allowed to perform 2 actions per verse (turn), with the second action having -3 Initiative. Both actions will consume Stamina as normal.
15 - Uncanny Dodge: You are faster than any mechanical contraption. Normal Traps and constructs can’t hit you. Immune to mechanical traps and automatons. Skill Power increase to [Con/4 + Dex/4]*(1 + Con Exertion).
Dexterity Disabilities
5 - Drunk: Your dexterity is so low that you sometimes fall during a simple walk. You cannot fight normally with weapons, and even your spells miss sometimes. Each actions requires a [15-Dex] DC. Failing the DC will result in inability to act due to clumsiness.
3 - Crippled: You are crippled and can’t stand on your own feet. You merely crawl. Unable to run. Crawling requires Stamina and acts at -5 Initiative.
0 - Immobile: You are immobile, but still conscientious of the world around you. Unable to act. Only action possible is to Rest.

Willpower (Wll) is a psychological stat that determines your mind strength. The higher your will is more spells can be performed without rest. Also, pain will affect negatively your will, so a fighter without will can’t withstand the pain of a blow. Will stat can be affected by many ways, and is always good to be strong minded.

Willpower perks:
20 - Determined: The Hero have a strong mind and cannot be easily changed by spells, pain or other factors. Nullifies any damage or reduction to Wll except exertion.
15 - Strong Mind: With a shielded mind, the Hero is invulnerable to mind control or mind affecting spells. Immune to controlling spells and charming attempts.
Willpower disabilities:
5 - Coward: Against enemies with double your height, you will run! When facing an enemy which doubles the character's height, the hero will run to a previous known location, ignoring any actions.
3 - Paralysed: You are in such fear (of something) that become immobile. Unable to act when facing any enemy higher than the hero. Also at the beginning of each verse (turn), along with the Initiative, the hero must perform a [4-Wll] DC. If the hero fails, it will be unable to act on that verse (turn) and "throw-up", reducing the allied characters Wll by 2 for that verse. 
0 - Unconscious: Your mind breaks and you become unconscious. Becomes unable to act, talk, rest and listen.

Intellect (Int) is your academic skills. High intellect gives your great memory, ability to understand complicated spells and sometimes math. To combine and create various high level spells an elevated Intellect is needed. But Intellect is not only for wizards. A hunter with high intellect knows the weakness of almost any beasts and can kill them rapidly.

Intellect perks:
20 - Lore: Know every spell and enchanting effects and can use any spells independently of difficulty. Can also easily identify every magic weapon. Casting ignores the Spell Complexity mechanic. Can quickly identify any kind of magic and enhancements.
15 - Creature Atlas: All weak-spots of each species known and can be exploited to easily kill them. Reveals the enemy/enemies weak-points at the start of each fight.
Intellect Disabilities:
5 - Broken Speech: You cannot express yourself correctly to others. Talking to another characters requires a [15-Int] DC. This only occurs if target character's Int is higher than 5.
3 - Insane: Your just went berserk. You cannot control your actions and will attack everyone. Unable to act. Will randomly attack/cast at every character.
0 - Dead Mind: Your mind left your body. An empty and immobile husk is all that remains. Unable to act.

Perception (Per) measure the sharpness of your 5 senses. Your vision, touch and listening increase with this stat. Also a high perception increases the likelihood of finding traps, hidden doors, weak spots or treasure and loot.

Perception Perks:
20 - Precision: Can almost always detect any irregularity like traps, hidden doors and treasure. Always detect hidden objects. +5 Dex of Dodge DC.
15 - Eagle Vision: Can extend its vision and audition range to 3 km and see in low-dark environments. Ignores Dex penalties of using ranged/throw weapons and spells over long distances. +3 Dex on Hit DC.
Perception Disabilities:
5 - Corrupt Vision: Lost in visual accuracy. Cannot see more than 1 meter in from of him. -5 Dex of H/D DC's (stacks with both Disabilities).
3 - Deafened: Cannot listen anything. -3 Dex in every DC (stacks with both Disabilities).
0 - Blind: One cannot see what is right before him. - 5 Dex on every DC (stacks with both Disabilities).

Charisma (Cha) is and physical/psychological characteristic. It deal with your body charm and your skill with words. High constitution doesn't mean high charisma, even if one is good looking, its words or cloths can have a negative effect. How do you use your innate traits, that is the definition of charisma. Charisma might seem useless at first but, information gathering or to talk your way out of a fight, charisma is what you need. Charisma might be one of the most creative stats since its usefulness depends of thinking out of the box. On de other hand, low charisma can turn a easy quest into a problematic one.

Charisma perks:
20 - Silver Tongue: You have the power to convince anyone of anything just like mind controlling magic. As long as it can talk, the character has the ability to control lesser minds (characters with 5 or less Int, without Charm Check).
15 - Seductress: You are specially adept in dealing with the opposite sex. (+5 Cha when dealing with the opposite sex).
Charisma disabilities:
5 - Ugly: Damn you are ugly, it is hard even to look at you. Any interaction towards the hero (even attacking) requires an [Wll-(10- Cha)] check. If the check fails, the action misses.
3 - Not Helping: Your lack of hygiene affects not only you but the whole party. Every character in the same space/room receives -2 Wll.

0 - Slum Dog: In the eyes of others, you are a wild creature. People will just keep their distance or even attack you on sight. Unable to talk with any character. Characters with less than 5 Int, will attack you on sight. 

Sub-stats are direly influenced by the main stats. Each sub-stat will only change when the respective main stat increases or decreases by a default amount. For example, Resistance (Res = Con/4) will increase by 1 for each 4 Con points. (e.g. Con = 4; Res = 1. Con = 6; Res = 1. Con = 8; Res = 2.) The only sub-stat that doesn't follow this rule is Carry Weight.

Power is the potency of spells and skills. The power of skills depends on Con and Dex of the hero, while the power of spells depends on both Int and Wll. Also Duration of some skills and spells are equal to 2*Power:

Skill power (SP) = [Con/4 + Dex/8]*(1 + Con Exertion); If Dex>15, then Skill power (SP) = [Con/4 + Dex/4]*(1 + Con Exertion)

Spell power (MP) = [Int/4]*(1 + Wll Exertion)

Resistance is the defensive sub-stat, directly connected to the Power sub-stat. It is dependent of the Hero's Con and represent how much damage it takes to Con.

Resistance (Res) = Con/4. (Final damage = Power/Res; if Power < Res, it takes 1 Con damage (minimum). If Res = 0, the damage will be equal to Power)

Mental Resistance is similar to the Resistance but is used on attacks against the hero courage or sanity. It depends fully on the hero's Willpower:

Mental Resistance (MR) = Wll/4. (Final damage is calculated just like for Resistance).

Stamina is the endurance of the hero. It depends on Con and Wll and allows the hero to perform longer sequences of straining actions like fighting or spell casting. Action that only involve menial tasks like talking, walking or using magic items wont deplete Stamina.

Stamina (St) = Con + Wll/2

Carry Weight is the amount of weight the hero can carry without being encumbered. If the hero tries to carry more weight than his Carry Weight it becomes Encumbered ( -3 Dex; Cannot Run). Carry Weight is not calculated like the other sub-stats. Instead it is the direct result of both a division and multiplication:

Carry Weight (CW) = Hero Weight*(Con:10)

Hit and Dodge Chances depend on Dexterity and show the chances the hero can successfully attack or evade attacks or traps. Hit Chances may be reduced when using ranged weapons on long distances. Also, an character will not have a chance to Dodge an attack if it cannot perceive it. Skills in the Skill and Spells list of the character will receive a +2 bonus (+10%) on Hit Chance. Due to the nature of spells, they do not have a Hit Chance. Instead, casting a spell involves a special mechanic called Spell Complexity.

Hit/Dodge Chances (H/D) = Dex*5%
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