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Post by Ryugin Omega on Sat May 26, 2018 7:32 pm

Forgotten Song and Tales (ForTS) is an interactive storytelling-based game with forum setup. Similar to a book, but readers are given the possibility to change the outcome of their stories. Although ForTS seems mainly in the fantasy setting, stories are not bound or restricted to that setting. This means there might be Sci-Fi or pure investigation-based stories that remove the magical component of ForTS but create other possibilities. There are 2 main roles in ForTS, the Storyteller (or simple Teller) and the Adventurers. The Teller creates and narrates a story for the adventures, while the adventurers tell how they would react. The main purpose of the teller is to explain to the adventurers how their actions would influence the story.

Adventurers need only to create their unique avatar. Although an adventurer might have many different heroes, they will only be able to control 1 per Tale. Likewise, Tellers cannot control their own heroes in their stories.  To create an hero, adventurers must simply create a post of their avatar with their information and the hero name on the post’s title. Adventurers can improve the profile post but must at least contain the following information:


Hero Name;

Race and any especial physical characteristics (e.g. wing, tails scaled skin), body length (in meters) and weight (in kilograms);

Fame, which is the completed tales or titles given in those tales. New Heroes will have none.

Stats, which adventurers can choose to divide up to 60 stats points into the 6 main stats:
Constitution: Represent the character physical strength and body resistance.
Dexterity: Represent the agility and physical skill of the hero.
Intellect:  Represent the knowledge and information gathered by the hero. Higher Intellect allows the casting of more complex and damaging spells.
Willpower: Will is the representation of both the magical reserves of the hero, and his/her mental resistance.
Perception: Represent the ability to gather information from the environment. Also shows how attuned the hero senses are.
Charisma: It’s the ability to influence others. A high charismatic hero might be able to fight not with his sword, but with his/her words.

Unique Abilities
Each Hero has up to 5 unique characteristics that make him/her truly unique. These Abilities can change the stats of the hero but are limited to a total improvement of +2 in any combination of stats and limited to an global improvement of +5 distributed by the 5 abilities.

Heroes are allowed to have 3 unique pieces of equipment:

Item Name (quantity if more than one) [$][item weight (kg)] – Description of the special effects of the item. Items cannot directly change the heroes’ stats.

Note that arrows, coins and other consumables are not limited by the equipment cap of 3 items.

Spells and Skills
Although not mandatory, this list improves the communication between the adventurer and the teller:

Skill/Spell Name (Domain) – Description of the effect of the skill. Skill/spell power and duration should not be discriminated here; instead they are calculated by the hero stats, based if it’s a skill or spell. The Domain depends on the ability. If it’s a spell, the domain should be its Spell School. If it’s a combat or physical skill, its domain is simply “Skill”.

Also non-mandatory, it helps to set the hero motivation and background. Although not many new heroes have yet a story to tell.

Besides the profile, there adventurers should also include the Resume of their Hero. The Hero Resume will be the active sheet of the hero during the story. It will be used by the Teller to show how well the hero is faring.


|Con: base/base|Dex: base/base|Int: base/base|Wll: base/base|Per: base/base|Cha:base/base|
|[name, quantity][$][weight]|[name, quantity][$][weight]|[name, quantity][$][weight]

Now a adventurer only need to find an open story and apply to it. Once applied, the teller will respond if the hero will enter the story. Note that high charismatic heroes take priority in entering the stories.
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