Greenstone, Town of

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Greenstone, Town of

Post by Ryugin Omega on Tue Apr 17, 2018 11:51 am

The small town of Greenstone belongs to the last human bastion of the continent, Knighthrone. Populated only by humans, the townsmen are very suspicious of the other humanoid races. Due to the proximity to the Moonleaf forest, many of the townsmen are either hunters or farmers. At the town south entrance is the inn, Drunken Wagon. A general store, and a small forge are also found at the town middle. The smith works as the town's huntsmen source of supplies and the store buys and sells the hunter's spoils. Greenstone is in the far north of the human territory, and no patrols come nearby. Only the occasional trader's caravan comes to town looking for the high-priced furs.

During An Angheuol Story: The First Hunt, Greenstone was attacked by a tribe of Grey Renders and destroyed.
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