Elspen - The School of Heroes

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Elspen - The School of Heroes

Post by Ryugin Omega on Sat Mar 17, 2018 9:21 pm

News spread throughout the world, to every country and continent. Letters of Elspen's opening travel and arrive to the hands of many aspiring and veteran adventurers:


Announcement: ELSPEN will open once again!!!

, the most prestigious school for every sort of adventurers, is now open for everyone interested. This esteemed school only opens for
recruitment every 3 years, and everyone, of every race and age are welcomed. Unlike the last decade, thanks to the new High Scholar Gandledor Slyphind, no admission exam is required.

This is a unique chance for would-be adventurers to learn skills and traits from Masters and Expert artisans. New students will have to choose between the 3 major courses of the school: “Field Combat”, “Specialist” and “Wizardry and Alchemistry”. First year students will have pre-defined classes to attend to, every single one of them obligatory.

Field Combat course will train adventurers that wish to battle great adversaries in their journeys. Aspiring fighters, rangers and sorcerers often find this course of great importance. The most renowned adventurer that completed the Field Combat course was the dwarf Fiora Elaiy. Known from fighting, and defeating, a Balor, and becoming a Master Weaponsmith. She is the Master Scholar in charge of the Field Combat course and students.

The Specialists course was created by the dark elf Sylannious “Shade” Umbrage, the actual Master Scholar of the Specialist course. “Apart from blazing and skull smashing, there are more subtle ways to deal with every situation.” - this is Sylannious Umbrage definition of this course. Specialists course focus on discretion and wit over knowledge or strength.

Wizardry and Alchemistry was the first course created in Elspen. Mages and Alchemists graduated in this course often find themselves influential personalities in kingdoms and realms. The Master Scholar of this course is no other than the High Scholar Gandledor Slyphind. The High Scholar was once a student of the course Wizardry and Alchemisty at this school, and ascended from student to High Scholar. Every one that wishes to improve this spellcasting repertoire and knowledge or influence should become part of this course.

This is the 7th year of the High Scholar mandate. Since the takeover of the Grand Master Enchanter, Gandledor Slyphind, the school has thrived into new heights. Our student capacity has increased by 1000% from the last years. Every student that seeks admission in Elspen will have every academic need taken care. From food to clothes and bed will be provided by the school.
Every one that wishes to be part of this great school should send his motivational letter and profile for Elspen’s Reception Quarters.


Would be Heroes of every race, class and age follow now the path straight to Elspen. What kind of adventurers will gather on this school looking for power, fame or lust.

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