PRELUDE: Elspen - The School of Heroes

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PRELUDE: Elspen - The School of Heroes

Post by Ryugin Omega on Sat Mar 10, 2018 5:01 pm

lspen…  Founded by the High Scholar Phymeur d’la Algon, Elspen quickly became the pinnacle of magic. The inner-circle of Elspen, mages chosen by Phymeur himself, worked day and night, to increase their knowledge in every field of magic. Later, the gnome Barcus Steam, a Master Alchemist, joined Phymeur in his thirst for knowledge. Together, they started the Wizardry and Alchemistry school. Elspen was no longer a group of knowledge-seeking mages. Instead it became a school for Elite sorcerers and Alchemists to hone their skills. Most students graduated in Elspen returned to the world as advisers for Kings, Queens and other great leaders, and with their influence, Elspen’s fame have grown to the four corners of the world.
Renown and influence attracted the greedy ears of elf, dwarf, human and gnome alike. Guilds came to lend their services to Elspen, and with them, allow the school to prosper even more. From these dealings, the courses of Field Combat and Specialists were born, and the school opened to everyone that could prove himself worth of its knowledge.
7 years ago, the Master Enchanter Gandledor Slyphind took the seat of High Scholar of Elspen and opened the school to everyone. Still, even with a greater number of admissions, the number of graduates has been declining steadily for the last two decades.
Now the news spread into the winds to the four corners of the world: Elspen will open its doors once more. Would-be heroes everywhere, of every race and age are called to join!

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