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Forgotten Tales and Songs (ForTS) is a forum based Role-Playing Game based on board games like Dungeon’s and Dragons®️. ForTS players are able to create unique and creative character to play with. With few limitations, the players are free to create the most astonishing and amazing characters. There are two different roles players can take in ForTS. It can be a Teller, [sometimes known as Dungeon Master] which creates and guides adventurers into epic quests and rewards. Or it can be Adventurer, entering in epic quests with a handful of companions and deciding the fate of great cities.  The numbers of possibilities are infinite, and players are encouraged to experiment and inventing.
The description of the game and rules can be viewed in Forgotten Tales and Songs HANDBOOK. This guide possesses two parts: A section directed to Players and other to Tellers. For a better understanding of the mechanics of a Tale, please read the whole HANDBOOK.
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